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Kate Adams

Licensee Salesperson

Long-term local Kate is passionate about South Auckland – its people, its property and the possibilities it holds. She particularly loves being able to share her knowledge and passion for Mangere Bridge with prospective buyers, having been a resident for over 17 years.

You could almost say that Kate was destined to move into the property industry; she worked (in another role) in a real estate office for years. Finally, she could no longer deny that her long-term interest in property, and energetic, social nature was a perfect fit for connecting buyers and sellers of all backgrounds.

Kate’s over 20 years’ experience in freight and logistics has also made her a star at customer service, complete with the planning and coordination skills so vital for running a successful real estate campaign. She thrives on the pressure of working to deadlines, while remaining cool, calm and collected to help her clients negotiate the process. 

However, one of Kate’s biggest strengths is her in-depth knowledge of the local community. She’s been actively engaged in community roles for many years, and says, “My knowledge of the community, schools, groups, events and future developments is immensely useful for marketing my sellers’ properties – allowing me to accurately target the right people. It also allows me to provide the right information to buyers, to help them identify whether a property is right (or not) for them. I’ve also built up an impressive local network of connections!”

For a friendly, honest chat with a local expert, call Kate today.